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Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) 2015

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) 2015



Transporting dangerous goods is often just a part of the job, but there are federally and locally regulated guidelines that dictate how these goods must be transported and how to use an Emergency Response Plan to manage accidents or safety issues.

What Will you Learn?

Our online TDG training has a manageable 75 minute runtime. In that 75 minutes, you and your employees will learn dangerous goods regulations, Emergency Response Plan guidelines, information about TDG containers, safety marks, and even the ways in which TDG corresponds with WHMIS training and regulations. Our comprehensive online training will provide you with comprehensive dangerous goods training, and you will receive a 3-Year TDG Certificate upon completion.

Covered topics for dangerous goods training include:

• Legal and Other

• Definitions

• TDG Classification

• Schedule 1,2 and 3 (Including Exemptions and Special Cases)

• TDG Shipping Documents

• TDG Safety Marks

• Containers

• Emergency Response Assistance Plan

• Emergency Release Reporting Requirements - Road, Rail, or Marine

• Road and Rail

These course topics includes several extensive educational modules that will teach the standards of TDG, provide real-world examples of TDG incidents, and explain the processes involved in shipping and transporting dangerous goods.

Who Needs TDG Training?

In addition to WHMIS training, anyone who handles or transports hazardous or dangerous materials must receive this training. This includes employees in shipping and receiving, drivers, and even loaders within a business. TDG keeps you, your employees, the public, and your business safe. Get started today!